About Cryptojack

Hello all, a very good welcome to the site. My name is Jack and I've been trading and making a full time income with crypto for around 18 months as of March 2018. Not that long you might think? Well, you'd be right, but it's been more than enough to leave college, quit my job and live full time from my cryptocurrency profits. That's why I am here, to teach everyone as much as possible so they can replicate my success and surpass it! 


What I've done isn't a miracle, it's not 'impossible'. Hard work, dedication, and persistence are the only 3 things you need to make a full-time income with cryptocurrency. If you're not a slacker and you're willing to take on board everything that's taught to you, then you're going to be very successful. 


To get started head over to the 'free videos' section or click below! Enjoy some of the free content I have to offer and after that enroll to the Bitcoin Blueprint to take your crypto gains to the next level! 

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