Trade Calls

Tired of spending hours researching coins to trade. Checking the support levels, cross reference the RSI to see when it will break out? 


Well we can do all that and more for you. We tell you excatly where to enter and exit a trade to make maximum profit. 


Not only that, but we help you minimise losses when trading too! 

Trade call example

New to trading?

we've got you covered.. 

Not only do we tell you exactly where to enter and exit the trade but we also have a video tutorial on exactly how to do that. 


The tutorial is within the trade calls area (once paid) and shows you how to set a stop loss and limit sell on binance. 


The following information will be given with each trade alert: 


  1. The Coin/Token and the Exchange (usually Binance)

  2. The Buy Zone (the price you should buy within)

  3. The Profit Zone (where you should take profit within)

  4. The Stop Loss Zone (Where to set your stop loss for)

  5. An example on a trading view chart with detailed information for that specific trade.

  6. Info about the trade and some reasoning behind it.

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